shoulder questions

A hard crash today resulted in a dislocated shoulder. After x-rays and a CT scan they found out there is a hairline fracture of the socket and also a small piece of the socket broke off. (This happened away from home) The Dr. there said surgery is needed within the next few days( when we get back home) to re-attach the broken piece. Any advice about this?

No advice needed. The doctor is on the money, although surgery can wait until a convenient time.

This is the second major injury that I remember. This boy need lessons from a pro and a daily program of cardiovascular fittness. He probably also needs to ride within his limits

Thank-you for the information.

I did not need the extra stuff, though, he IS on a daily fitness program and he does pretty much ride within his limits. The bike had a problem in mid-air and he wrecked. It is called a race because everyone in the class is trying to win-not see who can go the slowest! Are you going to give this lecture to everyone on this entire board who gets injured?

I tell that to every young person with a second injury in a year or so's time.

Obviously these comments are unnnecesary if he is doing all those things.

Certainly they are important concepts all young (and old) riders should follow.

This lecture is not just for your son, but for everyone reading this post.

Are you in disagreement with these concepts?

You gave good advice. It just seemed that you had singled out this particular person to give a lecture to.

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