Belray waterproof grease and Haynes repair manual

Just bought a new '06 CRF450. I've always used Belray waterproof grease on my other bikes. Is this still a good choice for the CRF or are there newer/better choices out there? What about the Honda moly grease? Also, I'm going to buy a repair manual. There are Haynes CRF '02 to '06 manuals on E-Bay. Does anyone have one of these? Is the information accurate? (torque specs mainly) I hate to drop $50+ on a Honda manual mainly just to get torque specs and parts removal sequences.

Congrats on the purchase, that is a mean machine. I have been using the bel ray with great results. I have the Clymer and I was not that impressed with it.

I've used BelRay waterproof for....hell, for a long long time. Still works great.

If I were going to get only one service manual, it would be the Honda publication. Yes, it's not cheap, but neither is misinformation.

I was given the Clymer shop manual for my CR250 by the previous bike owner. I've checked it against the Honda book time and again over the nine years I've had the bike, and I've yet to find a discrepancy. Maybe it takes more people than just us owners to get acclimated to the newer stroker technology??? :applause:

Check out

BelRay is great grease.:applause:

98? Your an old bastard:p

I use it on my 06'.. Havent had a problem yet:excuseme:

Check on Ebay. I got a brand new factory manual for my '05 for $19.95! The real thing, not a copy. It is by far the best thing out there.

I have a 2002 CRF450R which am converting to supermoto and the Haynes manual combine with the mnual that came with the bike are mor ethan enough to do which ever job you would need. And it is very well detailed with photos & diagrams. I would recomend it. Just to give you an example it will even details how to determine the year of your bike from the chasis/frame number.

Hope this helps.



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