EBC larger rotor fit problem.

The outside edge of the rotor just barely contacts the top portion of the gold colored adapter when installed. Looks like I will have to grind about 1mm. It is the EBC 280 mm kit for XR-650R. Stock forks. Otherwise fits good. Did anyone else have this problem?

I had a slight rubbing problem at first when I had the bike on a stand and spun the wheel. Decided to ride it anyway. Put the bike on the ground, rolled it, hit the brake and the problem went away.

Mine doesn't have much in the way of clearance in that spot (2mm??) but it does clear.

It should self clearance fast enough..........:applause:

Oh it did self clear, thats how I noticed it! Problem is, it ground itself a 1 mm groove only one rotor width wide. It needs clearance (1-2mm) on either side of that so the caliper can "float". Anyway dremel took care of the prob! I just wanted to know if any else had this problem.....

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