How well do the 320mm rotor and caliper relocator brackets work with stock caliper?

I just bought a new CRF and am looking to do some sm track days. I did two open practices last year at Beaverun with my WR with stocks brakes and sportsman tires. I really cooked my brakes on the WR.

I was planning on going with the 320mm rotor and caliper relocator brackets with the stock caliper and stock master cylinder on my CRF. How well does this work? Will I still have fading problems?

It'll depend on how hard u be riding ur bike. and will u be using brakefluids that is of higher boiling points?(DOT 5.1) what about the pads? Sintered or kevlar? I ran 320mm rotor with stock calipers on my DR650. BRAKING CM44 pads and DOT 5.1 Fluid. the pads are still cooked after every ride. (DUE TO SMALL TRACK WITH LOTS OF CORNERS) So I fitted on a braking 2 pot caliper meant for motard use. (My DR650 has WR4 forks) Now everything seems fine as the caliper came with CM55 pads. they also cover more surface on the disc. hope this helps.:applause:

They work fine for road use, but I couldn't comment on track performance. Like djebel says, I guess it depends how much of a track punisher you are. If you ride hard then a caliper upgrade is likely to pay-off.

SS lines are a must!!!!

I have the 320 w/ relocator bracket and they are great...can stoppie all day long on my CRF 450, but with the rubber hoses they will fade very, very fast... Use a racind fluid and stainless lines otherwise they will boil quick

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