Project KX-D, Guess what fits....

You can see my test paint and ignor the dirty oot. I'll clean it all up and strip and paint the frame rebuild and paint the motor. Bottom line ignore the dirt and bare meal on the frame. It is in progress.

I have been avoiding the airbox for fear of the work. I bought a 2000 KX250 airbox and a KDX200 air box. I figured I'd use the KX250 box and make a plate and mount the KDX200 boot to it to fit the KX250 airbox to the KDX200 motor. I thought what a shame as the KX250 intake boot is WAY larger than the KDX200 boot. The reduced restriction and WIDE open KX250 airbox seemed like a great mod the the KDX200.

Well I bolted up the KX250 airbox and boot to assess it and guess what, it fits like a glove. :applause:





Thats lucky. The project looks like it is starting to come together.

Yes sir I could use some luck too. The ultimate trail bike is coming together indeed!

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