Rear Brake Problem

I started with pushing my caliper pistons back to change my pads. When I went to push the brake pedal to align the new pads there was no pressure. I've bled the brake numerous ways. The syringe method, gravity bleed and traditional, but no matter what I try i still have no pressure. When i compress the pedal, bubbles rise in the mc resevoir. Do you think my seals are blown or do i just have trapped air?:applause:

More than likely ,it's just trapped air. When I pushed my caliper piston in, it took quite a number of pumps to get the piston to move back in position.

Try taking the master cylinder cap off, and slowly pumping the brake lever. After quite some time (make sure you keep the master cylinder with enough brake fluid in it) you should begin to see the caliper piston start moving.

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