Best mod for an XR250r

I went out riding my '04 XR 250r today and it was a blast. I felt like the power was good enough for me. However, I wanted to ask if you could recommend one bolt on modification to a bone stock XR, what would it be?

and how much HP would that increase the motor?


take the snorkle out of the top of the airbix, use a uni air filter, take out baffle, and u could also grind the welds out of the header pipes, i have a

04xr250 and it works great!!

If you don't re-jet you'll never notice those mods and you will run extremely hot ( lean! ). I've got those mods minus the baffle and header ones and I'm running 135/48 ( main/pilot ) with the needle in the middle ( I think ) and the FS 2 1/2 turns out. You notice a HUGE power increase if you do all these!

EDIT: I ride between 1500 and 3000ft above sea level.

I second the airbox, filter and header mod. the header doesn't do much, but it does help some. if you pull the baffle, it's gonna be alot louder. however, it's about as good as most aftermarket exhausts (or so i've heard). I made an insert that works really well, but i have a machine shop, so.

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