Uncorking a stock XR 250r

I have heard from many when bikes come stock from the factory they are bogged down for emission reasons. Is this true with the '04 XR 250r? My bike is bone stock, is there anything I can remove to help it out?

take out snorkle from top of airbox, take out baffle, grind welds out of header pipes, and adjust the carb, and if u wanna ga further you can get grinding done inside the motor too!!!

Pull the snorkel from the air box, put in a Uni filter, drill some holes in the exhaust baffle (it says how, where, and what size to drill in the "Gordon's Mods" sticky, read that), and rejet the carb.

with the 250, u don't need to drill holes in the exhaust. there's a removeable baffle. Somehwere in that sticky for the 400 is how ot remove it... i think.

Oh it does have the removable baffle then, I didn't know that. I'll have to remember that.

Thanks for the input... had a few other questions...

What does this to the reliability of this bike with the airbox, exhaust and re-jetting? how difficult is to re-jet one of these carbs?

if the carb is similar to a xr400 then pretty easy, the hardest part is getting the carb out of the bike. then its like 3 crews that hold the bowl on and then the jets are right there, just unscrew them carefully and install the new ones.

thats what i had to do

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