TTR modification

I'm new to this forum and had a question. My son has a TTR 125 which he loves. The only question is... as he is growing and getting a bit taller, is it possible to change out the smaller wheels for the larger wheels on found on the bigger bike? Do they just fit, or is there a difference that requires modifications?



imho It's not worth doing. Not alot can be done in that department and it will be costly to try...Time to move up to a 230 :applause:

yep. chances are bigger tires wont fit in the swinger or forks.

Well, it is possible. The forks are a pretty cheap off ebay. Anybody who has upgraded to yz85 forks will have an extra set. But the wheels will be kinda tough to try to get off ebay. Although, I see a TTR on there about every other week, but most of the time it's a small wheel. You would probably be better off selling your bike and getting a big wheel ttr or any other bike that would fit him.

Seat to peg height is still the same with the small wheel and the LE, I also have an 05 230 and its pretty sweet, actually like it a whole lot better than my 125's powers a lot better, surely wont rip your arms off like my old yz450 I just sold, but with some mods is a blast and a lot of fun to ride. Six Speed is awesome way better than 5.

Another idea would be to sell your small wheel, and upgrade to a large wheel-usually around $200 in difference.

I know of somone that bought the big wheel ttr then put the small wheels on. That way there was still the disk brake and another set of wheels when the kids got bigger. So I imagine it can be done easily, but you may want to do the brake swap as well.

I plan on doing the same thing when my wife outrides the ttr then I can hand it down to the boys with smaller wheels.

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