Wiring handwarmers.

Okay so it's still winter up here so I'm getting electric hand warmers mounted on my XR650R with a BD DSK. I'm nearly done but am wondering about where to tap in for power. Now that my tail light is LED I'm thinking I'll tap into that circuit for the hand warmers due to the minimal amp requirements of the LEDs. I though about just wiring it into the headlight circuit but thought better of taxing it as it has the greatest amp draw any of the accessories (55/60W bulb) and I want to minimize the chances of dimming the headlight. I've also been told the BD switch assembly is limited in how much power it will carry so I think my tail light circuit idea is the best. Anyone agree/disagree? BTW I came up with a way to even out the heat to both grips. Anyone interested let me know & I'll start another thread describing what I did.

How many watts are your handwarmers? If you have the stock stator I think that you will have the choice of headlight or handwarmers. I don't think you have enough watts to run both both. You will have some dimming idle no matter what. I don't think that it matters much where you tap into the power. There is only one electrical system for the lighting.

If I remember correctly the 650R has about 75 or 80 watts avalilable max. Do the math and add up your watts.

Thanks Cleonard. I rewound my stator so all's good. I'm just going to tie into the tail light circuit. It's the simplest way to do it while bypassing the BD switch assembly.

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