SMR510 owners unite...

Just bought my first Husky yesterday and damn my rotten soul, I want to upgrade the bike already. What are some of the parts you have put on your SMR 510's that make them rip it up. I have already removed the smog plumbing and throttle stop. I am looking to upgrade the exhaust and find a quickshot device for the carb. can you help me get some idea's... I am having a hard time finding parts and some of the links in the husky parts list have lead me to find nothing.:applause:

Heres my 510..

besides bling, bars and protection for the bike..the only performance piece i added was an Akrapovic slip on and removed the smog, throttle stop... The bike has plenty of power how it is..

just list some stuff you wanna buy and im sure we can help you get a link...the only thing i personally had trouble finding for my bike was sprockets, but the kind ppl from the husky forum linked me real quick to where to look to...everything else ive searched for ive been able to find and can get you anything motoxotica can also get you stuff

Before you go spending a bunch of money on a new exhaust do yourself a favor and do the famous "exhaust mod". Then if you are not satisfied you can begin your search for an aftermarket system.

A lot of people don't shorten the can, that is more personal preference.

Thanks for the start guys. I am going to start researching it....

For the powernow I have one on my RM and I know it is a simple part... but the only option to buy one for the husky is for the 125-250cc bikes. Will that one work? Plus the JD jet kits. Did you order an oversized carb or just the needles?

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