FMF powercore 4 VS. White bros. E2

Help me pick. I've narrowed it down between these 2 exausts. I ride in the open desert (OHV area) 90% of the time and once in a while on U.S.F.S land (sparky/96 db). I want something nice and throaty but not obnoxiously loud. Do you guys have any feedback on either of these exhausts. Thanks:thumbsup:


I just ordered the E2 and hopefully it will be here by next weekend. I live in California and wanted the same in a pipe. What turned me on to the E2 was the following;

It came with the spark arrestor, was under 96 db, and was USFS approved. However, it all could be changed with one screw. I liked the idea of having just one screw to deal with. We all know exhaust parts get hot and I have never had good luck with undoing a muffler end cap. I also liked the look of the one piece aluminum designed muffler. I ordered the pipe from They were the cheapest one I could find. The pipe was $340.00 out the door. I have never used them before, but there is a problem I will be sure to let everyone know.

The other pipe I was considering was the Dr. D. Have you checked them out?

I also ordered the E2....:lol:

I like the spark arrester idea, I ride almost completely in the woods. :applause:


Thanks for the feedback Cjo6.Yeah, I did check out DR.D, they are really nice exausts but a little to pricey for my tastes. I was leaning a little towards the E2 myself ( for all the same reasons you mentioned) and am going to go ahead and get one. Thanks


I have the wb e2 for my 426, and it runs awesome. At least when you have the insert pulled out. It is very very throaty sounding, However when the insert is in the midrange is waky.

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