Footpegs wanted!

i am lloking for a stock set of YZ or WR footpegs, if you have replaced yours w/ aftermarket stuff I want the old ones! email me at:

if you want to sell/give me your old stuff, thanks!

Check Out these Babies.....

I really want a pair of these....But $325.00 Plus S&H is a bit steep for this years riding budget...

Might just reconsider...Got an e-mail from the company today....With the current exchange rate I could snag a pair for $165.18.....Mabe

Bonzai :)

[ January 24, 2002: Message edited by: YAMAKAZE ]

YamaKaze, I do not know about those pegs.....It seems that in the woods your foot would be prone to dragging against rocks & roots. Especiallly while you were in sitdown mode. Maybe, maybe not.

Yeah saw those on the YZ side I think, too pricey for me, im hoping someone already bought those or some others and is willing to part with the stock ones!

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