Plating a XR650R in Arizona. Is this done while the bike is bought new?

What is the story of plating a new or used XR650R for the street in Arizona?

Must the dealership complete the modifications to a new bike before the bike is initially (first ever titling of the bike) titled in Arizona or can I buy the bike new or used and put the modifications on the bike myself then get the bike titled for the street?

I don't want to pay dealer prices for the parts and shop labor fees.

If anyone knows, please post a reply or PM me.



You can do it yourself. If you are handy you can rewind your own stator, do your own wiring (new regulator/rectifier, capacitor, fuse, horn and rear brake light), install rear brake sensor and be done. Or buy a kit $$$$$$.

No turn signals required.

When I took mine in they didn't look at anything but the VIN. I had just purchased it in CA and did the title transfer at the same time. Not sure if they look at the VIN if you've already got a AZ title.

They had me sign a paper that said I knew what the equipment requirements are and the bike meets those requirements. It CAN depend somewhat on who you happen to get at the DMV. Seems like anymore they just have you sign the paper and don't actually check for the equipment [shrug].

All I have is a mirror, brake light switch, and Baja Designs taillight/brakelight/license plate mount combo.

Good luck. I hate going to the DMV. On more than one occasion I've felt they screwed me. Now I get all nervous when I go and hold my breath until I've left with my task accomplished....

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