xr650r streetable

What is all involved in making a xr650r street legal?

What is all involved in making a xr650r street legal?

Can you plated a used bike or does it have to be initially plated when the bike is bought new before it leaves the dealership?

It really depends on your state. I have no clue about Louisiana. I think that you can plate just about anything in Arizona. Do some searches and/or ask this question in the Dual Sport forum.

Who would you contact to find out if you can plate a bike in a state?

What is all involved in making a xr650r street legal?

I can only speak for Virginia:

1. You need to be able to start with a clear Title to the bike.

2. Then what I did was install the necessary DOT equipment. Do a web search for "DMV / motor vehicle inspection requirements" and you'l get a couple of links to a table that will show all requirements by state.

3. Then I got the bike inspected.

4. I took the Inspection certificate and my off-road title to the DMV and told them I wanted a street title. I walked out a few minutes later with a new title.

Some dealers in some states will do this conversion (for a fee) before they sell you the bike and do the DOT inspection and issue you a street title (or paperwork to get one from your DMV) when you do the final transaction.

It varies greatly by state.

I can only reply for Washington State-its no longer possible at all.


i was just at the dmv in oregon and the motorcycle booklet stated that you cannot license a registered off road motorcycle but when i asked the clerk at the counter he said as long as you have the nessassary components( horn, turn signals, brake light, ect...) i would recommend you talk to a clerk to find out what is required.

If you own the bike check with your local DMV, the title may have ATV posted on it, MC is what you want. In NY once it has that deisgnation you can not change it.The loop hole is to do it in a state that allows the transfer from ATV to MC you may have to open a PO box in that state to register the bike as a motorcycle or buy one from out of state that has been transfered to MC. I had an 03 XR650R street legal shipped from Arizona to NY for $730.00 this thing was loaded with extras for $3,200.00. The risk of buying it without seeing it in person payed off :applause:

What is all involved in making a xr650r street legal?

You need to talk to your state agencies first...........................

First call would be to the agency that handles vehicle registrations. Explain to them what you want to do and hopefully they will tell you the process. Next thing I would suggest is to contact the Louisiana State Patrol (or whatever they are called) and ask them exactly what equipment is necessary for a motorcycle on the street.

Also, do an Internet search for your state's vehicle laws. Even though calling state troopers is a good thing and most of them are pretty knowledgeable, having a copy of the current laws on the books as reference will help you out. You might find something interesting like I did. OK doesn't require turn signals on bikes older than 2005.

Just as an example, OK has told me that a state trooper has to do an inspection to make sure the bike is street legal, then the tag agent can issue a plate for the bike.

Even though I have the state laws downloaded for reference at my real job, I've talked to a couple of troopers that I know and one is going to try to track down the inspection form for me so I have all my ducks in a row when the time comes.

I am also in the process of getting my 650r legal. The virginia dmv isn't making it very easy for me though. I bought the bike off the third owner and I am having a hell of a time tracking down the original owner to get the REQIRED M.C.O. A buddy of mine said that he has seen an add in the back of a motorcycle magazine that states that all you have to do is send them 125 dollars and some other info and you will receive a street legal title for the state of georgia. Then you just have to go to the dmv and get it transfered to your state. Any one hear of such a thing?

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