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Flasher with L.E.D. turn signals

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I have a dual sported yam. ttr250........everything works except getting a electronic flasher to work my l.e.d. signal lights.

I specifically bought a 12 volt electronic flasher, then wired it inline to the power source leaving the handlebar switch.

As I understand this flasher, a 12 volt source goes thru the unit,,,is activated, then open and closes the circuit.

Well,,,,hooking the flasher in line got me the same as before, ON ALL THE TIME WITH NO PULSE OR FLASH,,,WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? Was followed by Police as I rode on a short outing by a airport frontage road. As I turned off a side road.....I manually flipped blinker switch several times to the left side ON/OFF ON/OFF ETC. IN A QUICK ACTION WITH MY THUMB. HE GAVE ME A WAVE AND COOLY CRUISED ON BY.........ENOUGH OF THIS....TIME TO GET IT FIXED. Anyone run into this problem before? When the bike shops open next week I plan on taking a look on what type of small flashers bikes use, But, beings I'm running LED lights, I may not use stock flashers. Help will be appreciated. :lol::applause:

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