Why 2 stroke?

How come you guys havent gone to an RMZ450? What is it about the 2 stroke that you like more?:applause:

you just have to try one out and then come back and tell us which you prefer, in my view 2t is much more exciting, makes riding feel like a extreme sport a little. MM

The reason I stick with the 2 stroke is ease of maintenance and cost. I can pretty much keep up on the MX track and they work better for hare scrambles. At the level I run I am the limiting factor, not the bike so it just doesnt make sense for me to spend the extra money. That and I grew up with 2 strokes and am too stubborn to change.

I have a 4 stroke now but im not too sure its 4 me, probably cause i try to ride it like a 2 stroke..........but i have been thinking about getting back on the yellow, just not sure how many strokes...:applause:

best video ever :applause:

I have a 450 but also got a 125 because I've never owned one and thought it would be fun. Now I ride my 125 instead of the 450. The 125 is just a ton more fun. It's much more challenging and exciting. When I take both bikes the 450 never gets unloaded.

Ride that 125 and learn to rail a corner, brake deep and keep you momentum going. Next time you get on the 450 you will rip.

Can't be lazy on a 2t, specially a 125.

I'm 41, my last race bike was a 81 YZ125. Kids are ridding now, got a 94 yz250, did not like it that much, sold it. Think I am going to get a YZ125 to rip in corners. To old to worry about hitting the big jumps.


best video ever :applause:

:lol: that was a good song!!:eek:

Because four strokes are for girls..... :lol:

With me it's the combination of the snappy power delivery that requires more skill to stay to ride fast, and on top of it the smell of two-stroke oil...:applause:

Rebuild the top end on a four stroke and you will be riding a 2-smoker after that.

Spend the money to rebuild the top end or have it blow up because it habitually overheats and you'll be wishing for a 2s.

ONe of the big problems people 'claim' is they don't like to mix gas and oil. Well, for those like to make excuses, you get some 15ml plastic screw cap tubes and fill them with your oil and go wherever you want at any time and don't worry.

Don't like 'smoke'? With todays synthetic oils you can run a lower ratio to solve that problem, too.

Aside from that, I'll likely never touch a track and like to be first!

The simple facts as shown below are that the 2s wins everywhere, but at the tracks designed for the 450's and the 450's win nowhere else and are even beaten by the rmz250's. That's some damn good technology to spend $7k and then get your ass beat by a bike that's 200cc smaller!

This years last man standing had NO 4s make the 10 qualifying for the second lap.

If your into MX the 4-st is really the best way to compete. If you off road race like GNCC or similar there is documented proof the 2-st is still king.

DR mag compared lap times in a group of GNCC and WORCS events run during 2006.

GNCC B and C class the 250 2-st average lap time was faster. Much faster. To the tune of over 3-min per lap (B class) and almost 5-min per lap (C-class) compared to a 450 4-st. That's enough time to fall and get up more than once and still stay ahead. The 250 4-st was much closer but still behind the 250 2-st.

In WORCS the 250 2-st was always ahead. The C-class 250f and 450f were almost identical.

Regardless, the numbers don't lie.

I love the power of the 4-st but the maint. is a real pain and cost $$. Here's the best way to describe it.

If anyone would like actual copies of the text PM me with a email address.

lol great song

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