Knocked myself out

I rang my bell pretty damn good yesterday at a CO hare scramble. First time I have ever been knocked out. It was actually kind of cool although I would not want to do it again. It was in the worst whoop section of the first lap right before the check station. Well at least I got 6 miles of riding in.

I had tried to time the whoops, jumping two at a time, like I had done in the practice lap. But I had to take a different line from the one in the practice lap because the guy next to me took my line. Dumb mistake. Should have rolled them. Jumped way over the second one and planted the front wheel into the third. That is about all I remember. I don't actually remember hitting the ground.

I "woke up" with a guy and a lady over me asking if I was OK? She said I was down for about 2 minutes. The funny thing is, I swear I had a full dream in that two minutes. I tried to roll over but couldn't at first. Then I stood up, felt a little woozy and looked for my bike. It was OK. A little tweaked in the bars but I got them back in line. My helmet was not cracked but had huge scuff marks on the back and side.

The rode my bike back to the truck. walked to the ambulance and they checked me over. I had a real bad headache and my shoulder hurt quite a bit. I had to wait around a while then they looked me over again and felt good enough to release me. I was a little groggy but I could remember everything (except how I hit the ground), my BP was good and so were my pupils.

After I got home, the stiffness started to set in. From my neck all they way to my butt. come the evening time I could not move my arm or cough or blow my nose. My entire rib cage is sore, I can't lift my right arm more than shoulder height and I have a good size bruise on my forehead that runs down my right temple area. No headaches though which is a good thing.

I took a bath and went to the bed. My wife had to pull me out of the bed every time I had to use the bathroom. Didn't sleep much last night. Been in bed all day except to go to the Dr. He took some Xrays and they were all negative. He said I am going to be sore for about a week. Lots of Ibuprofen and heat.

My first loss of conciousness as well as my first DNF. Hope they never happen again.


are you lookin fer symphony? :):D

never mention "tickly ribs" on a website coz everyone will send you some real "rib-ticklers"

ouch!! now i can feel that pain! :D:D


yeah you ain't gettin any "symphony" around these parts. :) "Vagner, his music is better than it sounds" Mark Twain. I don't know.

The good news... A brand new helmet. :D Glad to hear you are ok, ish.


Yes, I am looking for sympathy fellas. Cause I ain't getting it from my wife. I'm getting "I told you so's" and "serves you rights" :)

I didn't think about a new helmet. They do say they are only good for one major hit, then you should toss it. Safety first!

hey I know how you feel I crashed on a jump over the summer and got my chest ran over by another rider was knocked out for 5 min. so I hear got a ambulance ride to the hospital everything checked out ok except for 10 stitches in my elbow. I was so sore from that crash my wife had to help me get up because I could hardley move. That was my second time at a motocross track and I think from now on I'm going to stick to trail ridding.

On the upside, just think how good it is going to feel when it stops hurting.

Now you know what to do with the next set of hoops. Get well


was it;

"quick, someone call dougie an ambulance!"

everyone else;

"dougie's an ambulance, dougie's an ambulance!"

"help! someone support dougie's head!"

everyone else;

"dougie's head (clap, clap, clap),dougie's head (clap, clap, clap)"

then a lepar shouts out; "i'll lend a hand!"



Sounds like Berthoud Bit you! It does occaisionally bite back you know. Hey, it only took about 8 weeks for my ribs to heal from getting too friendly with a piece of granite at Rampart. Couple months you'll be good as new :)

I bet that was the whoops on the 'new' track on the north side? They are pretty gnarly.

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Please don't think that you are completely safe on the trail either. A friend of mine and I were riding in the woods, when he rounded a turn only to find a fallen, rotten tree in the trail, he poked a stick from the tree from his upper right thigh all the way to his colon............had to have exploratory surgery to stop the bleeding, needless to say he was about a millimeter from dying,(the stick barely missed the artery running down his leg). Several surgerys and months since he is finally back to "normal". He does have bad circulation in his leg though.Just wanted you to be aware.

Glad to hear you're OK Doug! I'd get the exact same treatment from my wife...except I'm not sure she'd help me out of bed...she's honery! :)

All I need is for my wife to come across this post! Do ANY of you guys get sympathy from the lil woman when you get hurt "playing"? I have learned that load up on naprocin and keep my mouth shut about hurting! And forget about sympathy from the hospital either!

Hey here is a fun way to pass the time as you wait in the emergency room. After my last crash I went in for a look at some bad ribs. They attached a pulse-ox meter and left the room. It was around midnight and I was bored and sleepy. Needed to keep myself occupied 'cuz I had forgot any bike mags. Well lo' and behold, I found that you can play a video game with those monitors! See how low you can get your pulse and O2! Then see how high you can go!! It sets off all kinds of alarms and gets folks to running! COOL! After about the 5th or 6th time they get tired of you and come treat you and get you out so you will leave them alone!!! It's also fun to start going thru all the cupboards.

Dougie, i'm just glad to hear you are ok. Ouch!

I used up all my brownie points with my wife when I had a bad spill (broken teeth and wrist) just before my wife gave birth to our first child!

"toldyaso's" and "servsyarights"?

sounds like about the only sympathies i would get from my girlfriend if i ever did that.... :D

oh well.....

you'll heal up, the story will exagerate a little, and before you know it, you will have been blitzing through a timing section, spiked the front brake to keep from running over a lapper, barely evaded the other lapper, got hit by a third lapper, run over by the whole field, picked yer thumper back up and got her going, all only to get a stinking thired place trophy.

but hey, you can't honestly say it wasn't worth it. :) ... :D

get better quick. :D

Dougie you certainly get my sympathy!I took a tumble over a uphill jump three months ago,and knocked myself out.I never realised i had been unconcous, until the next day when i watched the video my friend had taken.(going to post pics soon

as i can)Was recovering at side of track with first aid ,when he runs down,and all he wants to do is playback the film to me!I could not quiet

focus at the time but stupidly got back on my bike to ride up to the pits,and they were restarting my race so what do i do ? of course i get back on the line and start the race was not long befor the pain started to come out, right across my back between my shoulders but i managed to complete the race( next to last !)First aid checked me out again in their amblance for concussion,but every thing was fine.I was begining to stiffen up and didnt really feel my best,so sat out the rest of the day.Next morning the pain was unbareable so off to hospital 3hr wait get checked out,told ive got whiplash and damaged nerve in neck which explaned the numbness

in my shoulder.Anyway acouple of weeks off work four weeks physio and three months later, i am nearly 100% again .No sympathy from my girlfriend

swears she will never come to whatch me race ever again!.But the good news is i got a new helmit out of it . :):D:D:D I STILL REMEBER


BED,THE LADY PHYSIO !! :D:D glad you are ok

andyhowes :D

As Paul Harvey would say, "And now, the rest of the story".....

I have to say, it was a bit erie seeing Doug laying on the track, motionless in the fetal position...

I didn't see the crash, but it must have just happend, cuz I saw a lady running over towards him.

(By the way Doug, she was topless, so it's too bad you don't remember anything)

Yeah, it shook me up a bit seeing him there, but I quickly came to my senses and realized that I had better stay on the gas and make up some time before he came to. Had he not cut the course and ran over that small girl and her puppy, he wouldn't have gotten out in front of me.

Oh yeah, as for that DNF...

You see, I need all the points I can get and Dougie's DNF doesn't really help my cause. So, I had a little conversation with that scorekeeper after the race and let her know that Doug did in fact finish! When she quesioned me as to why he never completed one lap, my explanation was that Doug was, well, a little special, and that he liked riding through the pretty pink gate. It took a little convincing but, I think I was able to get you 1 point Doug. I know buddy, you're welcome.

While it may appear as if the motocross Gods were not looking down upon ol' Doug last Sunday, things could have been worse. He could have done some damage to that fine stroker of his. (yes,pun intended)


Glad to hear you're ok man! We'll do it again next month!

Oh yeah, all jokes aside, it was a tough whoops section and I'm really surprised they allowed us on that part of the kiddie track.

Dougie Doug! You da man!

I'm glad you are OK. What a story! I'm glad it had an OK ending.

More than anything: Congrats for getting off your duff this winter and doing something I sit around THINKING of doing.


BTW: I went to Pueblo yesterday (Monday 1/21) and rode that moto cross track at PMI. Only my second time on an MX track. I had a blast and even cleared a few of the table tops. But I certainly am NOT ready to race on an MX track. YIKES!

Take care,

Bryan in Denver...

[ January 22, 2002: Message edited by: Bryan ]

"It was actually kind of cool" Good perspective. Glad you here that you're ok. If I recall you were injured within the last year? These things will keep us on the injured reserve list.


I knew I could count on my fellow TTalkers to kiss it and make it feel better :)

Doing better today. Still very sore but I can pull myself out of the bed without any help.

Stefe, it was that new whoops section. Nasty stuff. I will definately roll them next time like everyone else. Got to remember, I'm 36, not 18.

Bryan, I didn't know you were still out there. Good to here from you.

Scott, thanks for the laughs. Only set me back another couple of days. How is Eric? I bet he much more sore than me.

I talked to Eric yesterday, and he was a hurtin unit. Fractured clavicle, torn muscles in shoulder, bruised ribs, and overall major body pain.

If you remember, I had to start his bike for him before the practice lap cuz his back was hurting him so bad he couldn't kickstart. Eric apparently felt the need to keep passing out in the ER and even went into a bit of shock. Eyes rolled back, convulsions, the whole nine yards.

In looking back, I do feel a touch bad about making him sit in the Jeep during the race while I got another 2 laps in. :)

On another note, the bonehead is now out of work cux he can't throw a hammer, AND he doesn't have health insurance. Considering all the x-rays, drugs, and the fact that protocal was to call in the trauma team since it was a motorcycle accident, he's gonna be paying off that bill for a while. :D

Hang in there Douglas, get better and we'll ride (slowly) again soon!

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