Knocked myself out

Agreed, I should be skiing this time of year. I need to pick that back up again. And Shelley (who rides also) has talked to me in length about being more careful out there. Reese needs a daddy. But believe me, I am not one to ride beyond my abilities. Just one of those weird happenings. This is the first time I fell in four Hare Srambles over the years.

And no, I couldn't talk Eric or Mike into riding this Hare Scramble. Eric did one last year and did very well. But his new Fireman schedule doesn't allow him to ride on the weekends now. Mike is actually playing it smart. You know his injury history.

Hey Dougie, bummer about the crash man but glad to hear you are alright. Yes, you are too old to be riding on motocross tracks. Shouldn't you be at home taking care of your baby instead? Pick up a diffent sport in the winter like neddle point because that ground is too hard now.

Did Eric and Mike race it also?

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