Has anyone installed a scotts upr clamp on their XR650L?

I am trying to install a Scotts upper clamp / steering damper on my 2006 XR650L. I knew I would have to fabricate a way to attach the key switch somewhere, but I did not realize that the entire instrument / headlight assy / front of wire harness mounted to the upper clamp as well. I do not see how I can cleanly reattach all this, and though it would save some weight I do not want to have to get a new instrument panel and headlight assy (Trail Tech and Baja designs). Plus, a lot of the harness passes through here and it seems at a quick glance that it would be a nightmare to sort and reroute all this.

I would like to know if anyone has installed one of theseor a similar brand, on an L model, and how they did it.


2006 XR650L

Anyone? Anyone??


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