hatfield mccoy ....

whens the best time to go ? i realize that anytime you can ride is the best time but we are thinking sometime in july. would like to have a time of year that nights are mild. how are bugs this time of year ? just wondering if we will get ate up around the campfire in july. any advice on best time to go would be appreciated as it will be the first time there for most of us. thanks guys, scott

Late July And August Will Probably Be Bad For Bugs.august Is Usally Real Humid.but With Our Crazy Weather You Can Have Some Good Days Too. Its A Game Of Chance.

We usually go down the first week of May every year and it's 65-75 degrees in the day and 40's at night which is good for hanging out around a campfire. I also heard it could get pretty humid in July/August time frame and that means bugs. We're going down to Little Coal River March 30-April 1 for a weekend get away, they say it's in the high 50-mid 60's that time of year so it should be pretty comfortable riding but the nights get chilly.

CBG - The sticky at the top of the page is for the 4th annual H-McCoy Thumpertalk ride. Can't predict the weather, but it's bound to be a good time if you can make it.

I have been to all of them except for the first one and it has always been a blast and you meet alot of great people. So load up and come on down at the of july. :applause:

Been there in August, November, and March. It's always fun. Wet in November though... don't remember any out of the ordinary bugs on any of the trips.

I'm thinking mid to late July. It'll be hot but dry. Bugs don't scare me!

I think I'm hillbilly enough and may even head down for the TT ride. I just need to find some people to head down with.

Just gotta ante up my two cents worth.

Anytime it's warm enough to ride is a good time... As long as your moving the bugs won't bother you and smoke from a campfire keeps the bugs away also.

As for being dry? LOL. The mud holes around here never dry up. At least you can go around them when it hasn't rained in three months.

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