Tight throttle cable?

This morning I binned my bike for the first time! Dough! Every thing is fine apart from a bent clutch lever and the throttle has gone tight! I can't see any pinches in the line but when u twist the throttle it wont wind off automaticly! Any suggestions? your ideas would be greatly appreciated

Thanks Tom Ireland


I dont know why it got tight after you bit it, but if your cables are too tight at the carb the throttle wont return. Also, make sure to adjust the cables so there isnt too great of an angle in them, as they will frey.


Also check the throttle grip. I broke mine when I went down and the throttle didn't wind off before I cleanded all the dirt and plastic pieces between the grip and the handlebar.


If you had them put after market bars on for you make sure that they removed the price sticker. It never fails that they put it on the trottle side and when you go down dirt gets in between the trottle housing and the bar and rolls the sticker into a ball and won't let the trottle return.

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