Supercross on TV

When and what channel does the previous weekend supercross race air on TV? As in round three.

Check ESPN2 for noon Saturday for the previous weeks race. Seems a trend may be occuring.

Go to click on TV Listings

Ride Often and Ride Safe :)

You can see it on espn2 (9:00 am pacific time) between a Real sport, Lumberjacking! Now these guys draw a huge crowd of fans. Last week at Dollywood there must have been 45 people watching live. Why can I see the strongman compition or winter x games from 1988 every night but if I want to see a real sport (supercross) I have to watch it on a Saturday morning? Only one Saturday a week and I have stuf to do on it. I know, Tape it and quit your crying...

just felt like ranting. :)

Scarylong, I felt the same way the other night when I clicked on ESPN2 and saw lawnmower racing. What a waste of airtime, a bunch of hillbillies going slowly around a lame track. I raced karts for three seasons and we never made it on TV and I can tell you the action was much better than lawnmower racing. My 2 cents, Eric

Its ok. I am going to get up at 2:45 am so I can see some racing. and then again at 5:45 am after an little break. I have yet to see anyone with a strong man/lumberjack/australian v8 racing etc. sticker on the back of thier truck/car. I can't drive half a mile without seeing some sort of dirtbike related sticker. And i have never seen a raceing lawnmower anywhere! What is going on? TV is a nightmare at best, but this is a joke. :):D:D:D

Is it ESPN, the AMA, or Pace/ClearChannel that is the problem? You would think that ESPN would be savy enough to realize what they have. Maybe ESPN is bound by their agreement to only show the races at certain times. I think Pace/ClearChannel is pushing for live PPV. (great idea, follow the boxing model. NOT!! PPV has killed the popularity of boxing.)

Why is there no moto racing on Fox Sports Net? They do carry some road racing in the summer.

SpeedVision just seems either totally clueless or totally underfunded and can't afford the broadcast rights to anything good. It's really too bad, I think the SpeedVision concept is great.

I have DSS with the Total Choice Sports package, so I think I can see everything there is to see and it's still totally disappointing. I think their is more womens collegiate volleyball, soccer and field hockey than motocross racing. Is it Political Correctness?? Is it clueless corporate suit stuffers in NY, NY deciding what we can and cannot see?? Is there any sports media insiders out there with any info?

Gotta go. I think the Nike Tour/Greater Bum &%$#@! Egypt Open is about to start on the Deuce.

Come on BlueBoner, LawnMower Racing is the $#!((!

Between LumberJacking & Lawnmower Racing I do not believe I can pull myself away from the tube to ride or do anything...I call this the eppidomy of poor programming. Wouldn't be cool if the spectators form both Lumberjacking & Lawnmower racing could hurl water balloons at the Jackers & Drivers during their events? Nice crowd participation! Then it would be entertaining.....

People are going to think we in California are very:

A) Discerning.

:) Knowledable about sports and TV.

C) Picky.

D) Whiny.

E) All of the above.

or F) Lack the ability to appreciate a fine sport like Truck pulls, Bassmasters, Turd rolling and my favorite Cow Tipping.. I started to watch the Arenacross last night, it was the same one as last tuesday night. WHAT IS THE DEAL! BOWLING IS ON TV. 'nuff said!

Scarylong, if you are looking for some good racing on TV you can catch The Dakar Rally on Speedvision at 5:00pm or again at 10:00pm each night. Eric

I was watching the Dakar the other day. That is mine and my wifes favorite. I think it is amazing that those guys can get those big KTM's through such obsticles. The best part is those guys are my age, or even older. What about those big support trucks, awsome. That is what I need to drive to work.

If I win the lottery. I would get on a team by hook or by crook.

Thanks. :)

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