07 yz450 to short

I have a new 07 yz450, and the distance between the pegs and bars is to close, i ride all hunched over. i am not all that tall at 5'8" but it is just to cramped to be comfortable to ride. does anyone know of lowered peg mounts? or bar risers to replace the stock yamaha mounts?

try moving your bars foward first to see if that helps..

Lower the stock pegs and maybe try a tall seat if that's not enough.

You must have a 6 inch torso and 5' 2" of legs!! How can you be cramped on this bike at that height? I think you've been reading too many shootouts!!

yea i know, I have an 06 and I am 6' 2" and I don't feel cramped at all, although I do have Windham bend protapers. I love the way the bike feels. Maybe you just need to ride it a little more to get used to the feel of the bike:excuseme:

Just out of curiosity, what did you ride before?

I had some cr high bend protapers on my bike until i bent them.Now i have the stockers on there and i am not cramped at all.I would move your bars forward and if that fails mabye get a taller seat.

Cut the barrel on the pegs to move them down and back (don't forget to flip-flop the springs)Taller seat foam from CEET,and get RC high bars (they are as tall as you can go without extending cables)

I am 6'7" and this works pretty good for me:thumbsup:

my last bike was a honda 450X,so it could just be a different feel. I'll move the bars forward and see how that works out. otherwise i have no complaints

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