Mid-Week Ride..Ya Wanna Go?

Would like to do a ride wed, or thurs.

Anybody want to go?...Gorman or ?


Grandpa, Thursday might work for me. If not lets set something up for next week or even farther out than that we can both do. Eric


Thurs would be great! Where do you wanna go? Gorman?

Anybody Else? your more than welcome!



Give me a call so we can do details.

Like an idiot I misplaced your number


SoCal, I'm very, very sorry but I can't make Thursday. I had a change of plans so now I will be headed to Laughlin for the Score off road race. Check your pm's for my number. Also, let me know when you are off again so maybe we can try to reschedule. I really need to ride because I haven't been in the saddle since New Year's. Eric


Where are you? I sent a p/m to you and no reply as of yet. need to hear from you if we are going..


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