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2006 230f problems.

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I need some help as I am having a hard time figuring this one out.

My 230f has recently been acting up. upon riding it, it sometimes just out of the blue bogs so much as to the point where it compression breaks all the way to the bottom of the gear and shuts off. When this happens it usually kills my battery before I can get it started again, and I am forced to bump start. It takes about 1 hour to get it going again.

This occurs completley randomly but usually within an hour of riding.

This past weekend It happened again only this time I cannot get the bike started at all, not even with a bump start.

I am very puzzeled as to this situation and am hoping to have it figured out promptly.

Anybody have any ideas.

Things that are different from stock on the bike are as follows. Not really sure if any of this has any relevance to my situation, but I figured anybody trying to help should know anyhow.

132 main, 45 pilot, power needle.


And the kill switch is currently not working.

Bike was tipped over in water. I belive this is what fried the kill switch.

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Sounds like an electical problem,I would replace the kill switch.

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