I have a 2000 XR650R that I just recently bought. It has a block off kit, rejetting, intake opened up, rubber boots have been pulled, and a White Brothers E-Series slip on. I noticed today when I rode the bike to the gym which is about 17 miles away and mostly highway miles going about 65 mph, that When I shut the bike down whiffs of smoke were coming out of the disks on the pipe. Is this normal for the bike to do with this pipe? Could it be due to the removal of the smog unit? Has anyone else experienced this? The bike has just had the carb cleaned and the valves readjusted. Also just prior to shut down after riding, I can give the throttle a quick twist and a little bluish smoke will come out. During riding it doesn't appear that any smoke of any color is exiting the pipe. Should I be concerned?


could be oil escaping thru valve seals to combustion chamber during deceleration, when accelerating again the oil burns causing blue smoke.

When you let off the gas, there is a large amount of vacuum present in the cylinder due to engine braking. It is at this time that the slide on the carb is shut, and the high vacuum will draw in oil past the valve guide seals. I would want to know how many miles are on the bike?

At a minimum, you are looking at replacing the valve guide seals-if not now, at some point in the future.

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