600R Exhaust pipe

Gday, Im thinking about buying a Supertrapp IDS pipe. Is the Quiet & racing series the one and the same pipe? The shop thats selling this pipe tells me that they are separate pipes.

Has anyone here used this pipe on the 600R. Is the fit on to the standard header ok? Does it work well without being too loud? A bit louder than stock is ok but I dont want a pipe that is offensively loud.

Thanks mick

I know this is kind of old but i have the IDS on my 2000 X600 and it is pretty loud compaired to the stock pipe. But i had a great experience in customer service. My endcap stripped out and i couldnt put all the screws back in, and since i have the IDS I and not the IDS II they dont make parts for it anymore. So i emailed the customer service guy and he just happened to have one sitting in his desk, and he threw it in the mail, and i didnt even have to pay for shipping. It used to be like a $40 part. That right there speaks to me about the integrity of the company. Anyway just my $.02

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