post break-in maintenence

Morning All, took the new 04 for it's first ride this Saturday!!! Did the break-in procedures on the gravel roads around the track, then took her out for a few 3 lap sets on the track. It was pretty muddy(go figure) amd REAL slick. I hit 3rd once. The maintenence schedule says to change the fork oil after break-in. I looked all through the manual and the only place it shows adding fork oil is after complete disassembly. Any suggestions?.......thanks

The only way to change the inner chamber oil is to remove the damper cartridge and open it up. You could do this with the fork on the bike, but I'm not sure that it would really be any easier that way. I ran the factory oil in the fork for about 6 months before changing it.

Thanks Grayracer, I can see changing the motor oil after the first ride due to metal parts wearing in, but fork oil is just used for dampening. I will probably have my suspension done at the end of this season.........thanks again

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