XR lighting Problem

I am currently trying to upgrad my 96 XR650L headlight to a single 7" round light. For the meantime I just replaced the stock light with a higher watt bulb. Saturday went for a ride, stop several times, used the electric leg to restart with no issues. Then it seemed like the bike would hesitate every once in a while. Next stop tried to restart with nothing, nada, zilch from the battery. Not even a sound, no click. The bulb was a 90w bulb, stock is a 35w. Unlugged the headlight and kept riding (when warm the bike is extremely easyto start). I thought that would recharge the battery until I could replace the bulb, got the bike home put it back on the battery tender...few hours later same result. Whats going on? Did this cuase some major damage to the electrical system like a CDI or rectifyer? I dont even want to think about bump starting a cold pig:eek:

I think that the stator on the 650L puts out something like 200 watts, so I don't think that you 90 watt headlight bulb killed anything. I also thought that the standard bulb was a 55/65 watt,but I don't know that for sure. Batteries don't last forever. How old is you your battery?

according to the honda shop manual the alternator puts out 186watt at 5000 rpm so it should have enough charging capacity to support that 90w headlight. i personally run one of the 80/100w bulbs in mine and have had no problems so far. i think the culprit might be as cleonard said and just be a bum battery.

Thanks! Going to try putting the battery on the charger tonight. So I can be out :applause: this weekend!

If the thing doesn't take a charge, it's done for. Make sure you have nice clean terminals on the battery, if they are corroded the battery might not charge up, when the bike is running.

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