xr 650 Seat ?

Hey guys.

quick question.

I know that the XRR and the XRL are drasticly different. would the R seat bolt on to the L ?

I am re vamping the L and saw a nice seat but is is off a R

I don't think it will, But hopefuly a "L" guy will chime in...


Nope. I have a stock seat if ya need one.

What is the best way to change or replace or repair the hard seat on the XR650r? Does Baja Design Tall/Soft replacement foam work? Is there a gel option available?

I ride 200 - 300 miles on dirt back roads and can't walk after because the damn BRP seat is rock hard.

I'm sure this topic has been discused before but I couldnt find it in any threads.

Any ideals.


Dan From Michigan.

There is a tall seat avalable that has alot of extra foam, the only down side is that you might be tip toeing

Funny you should ask. Just did my first 20 mile ride after installing a GUTS soft/standard height foam & cover. Much better than the stocker. The shape is pretty much identical to the stock setup but the firm edges are no longer notable while riding. I realize this was a short ride but the umcomortableness of the stock seat was always on my mind with the stocker, now I don't even notice. I would've gone with the tall/soft foam but I'm only 5'9" & I found the stock height to be ideal. If you're near 6' I'd imagine the tall setup would be that much more comfortable. Cost $120 but you could re-use the stock cover & save $60. On a side note, don't even try installing the new foam without spray adhesive to mount it to the seat pan first! Kinda like trying to upholster a live snake otherwise.

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