Will wheels from 2001 XR650L fit a 92 XR600R

Hi There,

Are the wheels interchangeable between a 2001 XR650L and a 92 XR600R?

I have a 92 XR600 for off-road use and was considering picking up a 650L to use for riding to work. The reason for the wheel swap idea is that when I haul my XR600R to the southwest for a riding vacation, I would like to premount a paddle tire on one of the rear wheels, giving me the option of a quick rear tire changeover.


Yes, they bolt right on.

You are right I am wrong :applause:

The axle was made larger in 92, I have XR650L wheels on my 92 XR600 right now.

Nice set of XR600 wheels up on ebay right now.

I saw those as well but they are pretty beat up.

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