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Hinson and FMF slipper clutches?

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Has anyone messed with either of these? The way they talk, they don't do completely away with all engine braking like the Rekluse but limit it to something close to a 2-stroke. The way I've understood the operaton of the Rekluse, its like the sport clutch the 250EX atv has and I don't want that. I want the engine braking reduced to where when I let off the gas it doesn't fall on it face. This won't be on my WR. Its for an atv. The WR is OK the way it is but the quad feels like it back tires actually scoot when I rev it all the way out and let off and I've nearly killed myself trying to jump the thing. If any of you guys know anything about them, I'l love to hear it. Asking questions in ATV forums is worthless. I think God would come mow my yard before I'd get an answer.

Thanks Travis

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