Hello guys. I am looking for a 01 or 02 yz426 pipe and silencer. I want to spend 100 dollars even for all including shipping. I also need to know if any of you who have done this had to rejet? I raced this weekend in Nipton Nevada and got 1st for my class 4st.Novice. My Dicks racing suspension was super and recommend all of you who want some good stuff go to DICKS. Also GPR stabalizers work super. See you all later.32t

Look on the YZF board, there's a whole herd of em for sale.

01 and 02 mounts are different in mid section. If you have an 02 the 02 YZF will bolt right on. Pipe won't do it's best without YZ timeing. look it up in search. Same with grey wire and jetting. Try my jetting if you like, it's lean at sea level but good at 3000-6000 elevation, every bike is different.


D.Williams, Check your private messages, I also left my e-mail address. THANKS!

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