Baja Thumpertalk Gathering

We've all talked about a combined ThumperTalk ride somewhere in the West, the East or halfway in between. Anybody up for a week in Baja? I'm sure there are plenty of CA rider's that could show us the way. What a trip! Vamanos hijitos de la maquina celeste! :)

Or maybe you take some of us, and we take some of you! Kinda exchange rider's...Just a thought...


There are some guys on the DR side who ride there a lot also. I would love to go down there for a ride. I'll bet between the Yamaha side and the DR side we could have a pretty good ThumperTalk turn out! :)

Chris, when would you be interested in doing the Baja mission? I have some friends that are very familiar with Baja riding and would probably be up for a trip, but unfortunately they wouldn't want a huge group because they freak out about rider ability and bike maintenence(or lack thereof). Let me know, Eric

SoCalWR426, when you say "we", do you have a business or just a group of regulars that does Baja often? I would love to exchange 3 days guided riding down there for the same in Southern Utah. That would be a sweet deal.

Eric, what time of year is best for going down? If we come, it will be maybe 3 of us with new machines and advanced riding skills. I'll talk with my brother about it. Thanks, Chris

How about Easter week? I have relatives that spend about six months 10 miles North of San Felipe. Right on the beach with trails leading everywhere. If this works let me know. I will be down there either way it sure would be nice to have someone to explore with who knows there way around.



Sorry for the misconception. I'm just a dude that know's other dude's who can help pull this off for us all. For myself, I think we should make Howard Huge and Blue Boner our new best buddy's. I heard that Howard almost has that closet problem kicked..Just a rumor from the site..(Just Kidding Howard :D ) Well now I really don't know about this site, we're trying to get together with...Howard Huge & Blue Boner?..It just don't sound right! Next Yamakaze will be here wanting a spanking :) claiming it's his monkey butt remedy!!


Chris, within the next few days I will chat with my proper group of baja buddies and try to work something out. I gathered from your TT handle that you know a thing or two about riding and bike maintence so I hope you didn't take offense to my previous post about that. I have done one ride with a group of TTer's in the past where riding ability was great for most, but beginner or whimpy for a good portion of the group and that would not hold up in baja. I'll be in touch, Eric.

SoCal, I turned the closet into a garage and the doctor says i am cured :) Riding ability speaking for myself now isn't going to be a problem (i can crash with the best of them :D ) oops i meant haul a$$. Seriously if there is such a thing Easter week @ San Felipe would be off the hook. Ride up to Mikes Sky Ranch one day. Ride some of the Baja 250 course the next. And play around in the arroyos by my relatives house for those who get bored. Not to mention ripping up and down the beaches.

Come on April, Huge

Huge, Easter week would be off the hook in San Felipe. Como se dice, Spring Break and the Rockadile!! Killer weather, bikes and babes what more could you ask for? I will definately keep that in mind. As far as riding with you, you might have to quite that bike down. Just kidding, I think I run the same pipe as you but got a good laugh out of your comments on a thread in the KTM forum a while back regarding noise. Eric

Eric right on hopefully it works out. Nice thing about Mexico they could care less how loud your bike is as long as you can ride the rear wheel.


do you think you could pick a ride a little further west, like hawaii? just e-mail us easteners when it's our turn. just bring your 13/55 gearing and some barkbusters, you'll be o.k.

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