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SoCal Engine service Complete Rebuild??

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I have about 40 Hours on my 2006 CRF 450R. The valves check in spec, Starts first kick most the time, but I put a very small hole in one of my cases. See other post. I fixed the hole with some JB weld. Im sure it will hold up fine. The thing is Im a competitive GP racer. And most important I have a 3 week window that I can lay up the bike for service. I would like to have it rebuilt from the ground up with a new case halve to replace the JB welded peice.

I have a budget of about $1,000 $1,500.00 max to throw at the motor. This may seem silly as the bike runs good now. I want to keep the bike as fresh as possible and have a budget. I dont want instructions on how to do it myself, Id rather pay a pro.

Things I would like done are:

Complete top and bottom rebuild

New Left case hallf (est $150 hard parts)

New piston kit ($140)

New valve springs kit ($200

Fresh valve job (Cut / replace seats)

New valves if needed ($200)

Im guesing that max hard parts would be around $800 without getting to crazy

I dont want to sacrafice any reliablity over stock with radical modificatios. The stock power is great, but if for that budget I could increase overall performance with porting and a slightly higer compression piston that would be great.

Anyone have experience with a complete rebuild in SoCal. How much did it cost ? If I didnt have the bottom end rebuilt, how much cheaper would it be?

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