Suspension is DONE!!!

Yes!I got the call today!I'm working nights now so hopefully i can pick it up thurday morning and get it back together.I'll try to give everybody a ride report with the susp.and the new jetting.I have to get my wisdom teeth surgically removed friday so i really hope i get some moto in before that:cry:

I would like to thank everybody for the jetting tips and grey for the wheel alignment issues.I think i got it good to go.I'm hitting my first race of the year in april so if you cant tell i'm real excited!:applause:

who did the work? let us know your ride report.

who did the work? let us know your ride report.

I had a local guy do it in wichita ks.Did my last bike with great results.Speed Tech 316-262-7223 ask for Dennis.He does motor mods too.

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