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Eddie!? DRZ440 Wanna Double Check Jetting

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I was hoping Eddie could take a look at my jetting setup:

The Bike:

-440 Kit

-Hotcams Stg 1 I&E

-FCR-MX 39mm Carb

-FMF Powerbomb Header

-FMF Powercore 4 w/ 2" tip


Current Setup:

Main Air: 200

Main: 165

Needle: JD Blue on 4th

Pilot: 45

Fuel Screw: 2 turns out

Idle Air is removed.

Typical Ride:

Sea Level - 1000ft, 50 - 70 deg

It seems to be running great, but the problem with putting all this stuff on at once is that I have no idea what is should feel like. It just feels faster that hell compared to stock. Throttle response seems good, idle is smooth, it needs choke to start cold, starts great warm, slight popping on closed throttle decel, a little lacking at high revs (very minor).

Are guys running a bigger main jet with this setup? The JD kit sayed the 165 was for 400E's with free flowing exhaust... Also, I have a Q2 that I run occationally, is it gonna go so rich that I should rejet, or will it be moderately alright? (I am definately not looking for horsepower with that pipe, just the silence for night riding. The pipe is never on for more than 6 hours of riding before going back to the PC4.)

Any input would be great! :applause: Ive got main's from 155 -165 lying around. Thanks, Dustin.

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