worth of a xr650

I have a chance to buy a 2004 XR650 (not known at this time if it's an L or R) with 133 miles on it. Guy bought it, never really rode it and is now going through a foreclouser and wants to off it "cheaply". He wants $3,000 for it but I heard he will take $2,500. I don't know how the wife will take another bike in the garage but I want to either turn around and make some money off of it and buy some parts for my bikes or super motard it:ride: . My question is is this a steal of a price on this bike wether it be a R or L? There currently aren't any for sale locally for me to compare to.

Steal for an R for sure. Don't forget it's a resettable trip odometer! :applause:

The market is a little slow for the XR650R on the east coast and they are usually cheaper.

My local dealer wants 5,800. for a brand new L ,I would think you could make something off it.

I don't know though, I definitely need to know more about the bike. I appreciate the input though.

If it is a 2004 XR650L with 133 actual miles and not wrecked....and you buy it for $2500....I will give you $3000 and come from Ohio to pick it up !

trade me for my 03 CRF450R, and I'll give ya $300.

Still waiting to hear back on it, lil more info on it though. It's titled and it must be an L as it was used to commute to and from his work which is about 7 miles from his house.

You could do short commute on an "R" with a street legal kit.

hell with tires you could do long commutes, the R will take the abuse.

Well my point was that it is titled, plated, and stock so to me that tells me it's a L as this guy has not done anything to it. Also he bought it to ride 90/10 street/dirt so this is why I went with it being an L. I completely understand you could practically make any bike street legal with work but this is a stock bike so.... Unfortunately this is a process, the guy with the bike isn't at his house but will be returning hopefully this weekend, his neighbor my brother's friend is the one that told my brother about it and he told me.... That puts me at the end of the food chain getting all third hand info.

post an update here if you buy it and wanna sell !

Having to constantly change oil, constantly adjust valves, constantly rebuild......There is Mastercard, Owning a XR650? PRICELESS

oil pretty often, all 2 quarts of it, valves every 2 or 3 oil changes so check em every couple months, rebuild, well if you mess up something, or want more power maybe. not a high tweeked thumper like the new 450s

Jimmah.....did you have a change of heart on the bike ??......just curious either way....did ya buy...or would he not sell ?

Didn't buy it yet, might be getting a better price on it though as no one local wants it. It's an 04 650L in mint mint condition. No martket here for them though...

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