Xr piston and cam questions.

Ive got a piston for my 92 XR600 part number is 4366P4 +040 over(what size and comp will this make it)

I have a cam new in bubble rap only numbers I have are on cam they are R2 stamped on it near the spot where cam sprocket bolts on.Has a S stamped in the middle of cam.

Any help on this guys I picked this stuff up new in boxes but not sure on all the specs.Thanks

4366 is the Wiseco part number for the 11:1 compression XR600 piston. The 040 would indicate that it is 1mm oversize or 98mm. That will boost the displacement from 591 to 603cc.

Can I run pump gas or do I need 110 only with 11-1?

My XR440 has the 11:1 Wiseco piston, runs just fine on 92-93 octane pump gas.

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