xr650r wheel options

i found a crack in my xr 650r rear wheel. anyone know where to get a new hoop for a good price? how about a whole new set up for the rear? anyone run a warp 9 wheel? i was thinking of just buy a whole new rear for the dirt and then use the old one for the sand? would it be wise to weld the crack for a temp time. i was looking for a rear on ebay but was thinking of welding til i can find a replacement. thanks for the help.

Two for sale on Ebay right now XR650 and Xr650R

I just recently received a new spring/summer catalog from Rocky Mountian and noticed they sell rims now. They have rims listed for the XR650R. The brand is called Pro Wheel. $84.95 for silver and $89.95 for black or gold. They are touted as stronger than OEM. The rims are designed for OEM sized spokes. They don't sell spokes for the XRs though, just for the CRFs.

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