looking for a good syntetic oil

I have a 2000 xr600r. I am looking for a good synthetic oil. Is there a synthetic oil that i can go to autozone or walmart and pick up that won't bother my clutch.

I've seen some info but not completely sure of myself yet.



I like the amsoil for motorcycles it is spendy($8) but you only need 2 quarts. Locally it is sold at GI Joes but I don't know about other parts of the country. Anything without the Moly is what you are looking for. The bottle should say good for wet clutch or for motorcyles. You might do a search this is not only for XR but all bikes should be the same.

Most car oriented synthetic oils are too thin for use in an aircooled XR600 motor. the best stuff at Walmart is the Rotella T synthetic 5W-40 oil. It costs about $17/gal. Works great. I don't ride in the cold and just use the 15W-40 non synthetic version. Works great in my XR600 and is closer to $8/gal. It has the best resistance to viscosity breakdown of any non synthetic that I have ever used.

I think that the slipper clutch makers recommend the Rotella as the oil to use with their products.

I have used the Mobil1 synthetic motorcycle oil,but I am curently useing the Amsoil motorcycle oil,the bike seems to shift better with either brand synthetic.

The best stuff at Walmart is the Rotella T synthetic 5W-40 oil.

+1; buddy of mine runs it in his race cars ('73 911s, couple C5 'vettes.) There is a non-synth version so if synthetic is what you want make sure you get the right one.

Another good and cheap (non-synth) choice is Mobil Delvac 1300S, ~$8/gallon. Excellent stuff.

The local WalMart here sells synthetic Mobil 1 motorcycle oil. It's stocked next to helmets, not by automotive oil. Pretty good price too.

I would recommend sticking with motorcyle specific oils. Car oils don't have the same additive packages as motorcycle blends, regardless of whether it is synthetic or not. Motorcycle oils have a higher JASO 'MA' standard. Car oils are missing key additives that are required for the much more brutal environment of bike motors and their transmissions. We are not only talking just viscosity breakdown and anti wear but extreme pressures as well. The pressures come from areas such as between transmission gears and the clutch which cause major oil shearing, :applause: . It is a much more wicked environment compared to car motors.

Another subject matter is the friction modifiers used in "Energy conserving" car oils. These are what can cause problems with motorcycle clutches. The "Energy Conserving" label will be on the back of the bottle. Some Heavy duty truck/equipment oils aren't 'Energy Conserving' blends, so they could be considered. I personally still highly prefer and recommend a motorcycle specified oil for the added formulated protection and that is all I will use. Synthetic to boot, for viscosity characteristics.

Much to tell, I can fill pages of this subject... :lol:

The whole story about moly causing clutches to slip is a bit innacurate. The specific type of moly used in motorcycle blends is 'clutch friendly'.

I run Honda HP4 20-50. I buddy of mine who has a 600R just switched from a "car oil" to HP4, on the recommendation of a local shop owner. He says it is a world of difference in how the bike shifts between gears. There are alot of opinions on the best oil for XR600-650R's, does anyone have any negative results from using HP4? My XR650R seems to work well with the HP4 oil, there seems to be minimal usage thus far, (its an 06), and shifting seems smooth. I have not tried anything else thus far. I feel if you use a good quality oil designed for your specific application, car, motorcycle, tractor, etc. and follow or exceed the recommended change intervals, you should be fine with any selection. :applause:

To answer your question on a "good synthetic oil you can get at Wal mart etc". Mobil 1 15W50. You won't have clutch issues or anything else. Don't believe the hype on "not formulated for transmissions" and all the other hot air. Zero data out there to support that crap. 15w50 is a good viscosity for a big air cooled engine that runs hot.

Zero problems in my 650R. Rand Delo 400 in my DR350 and run Rotella 5w40 in my wifes TTR125.

I only use motul 5400 or 5100 semisynthetic. I used it on high reving bikes and it lasted with my abuse. I had a 85 gsxr750 which I always redlined and beat up. After 30 000 km of hard riding a mechanic checed the cams and didn't see a spot on them.

I called XR'S only about Mobil1 they recomended to not use that they told me that they use kendall 20/50 in there shop and the guy i was talkin to said he used Valvoline 20/50 personally himself but they said regular oil was fine. The reason againse Mobil1 was something he said about the clutches

I used Mobil 1 (weight varied by season) for seven years in my 1984 XR350R. That motor ran HOT. I used the bike every weekend and even playraced on the Hangtown MX track in Sacramento in the summers.

Oil change intervals were 500 miles/or what I could afford.

After the beating the bike took it would only smoke a little bit on start up and never used oil between changes.

As an aside, I've been using Mobil 1 for about 12 years from everything from an XR100 to ex-buggycross FL350R to my 50,000 mile XL600V... and have never replaced a clutch or had an engine wear out (okay, the FL didn't have a "clutch"...) or smoke from being worn out.

I use Mobil 1 in my WRX, XR200R, and XR600R.



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