oil question and spark plug...

well i've had my bike about 3 weeks to cold to ride here in RI right now , i bought it used.

It'l be used to commuting to work and general on road activities( street legal)

I'd like to do the following so as to start "fresh" on maintenance intervals

If anyone has info on..

1. type of oil to use

2.type of oil filter

3. advice on cleaning the carb.( might buy an edelbrock fairly soon)

4. type of spark plug

general maintenacne that I should do after buying this used bike?

thanks for all the help so far! youguys are a great wealth of knowledge ( as has been the "search" button)

I hope this does not come off wrong but sounds like you need a good manual. I would start there. You can get them at both dealers or online.

Step one: Tell us which bike that you have 600R, 650L or 650R.

Step two: get a manual

OK now for your questions

1: I run Rotella 15W-40. I think that it is good enough. Is it the very best? No.

2: I use the cheap aftermarket paper ones. They only run $3 and I change them every time.

3: If there is a problem remove it from the bike and clean it. Get a couple cans of the carb cleaner. Remove the jets. Use the spray tube and make sure that all the passageways are totally clear. If you are leaking gas clean the needle and seat and clear out the gas inlet. If there is crud put in a gas filter between the tank and the carb. Clean the tank if there is crud in there. If it still leaks replace the needle valve.

4: This is a four stroke and the plugs last almost forever. I usually only replace mine when I'm into the engine. I use NGK standard plugs. I just don't see the benefit to running a iridium or other speciality plug.

5: Adjust the valves, clean the air filter, change the oil, check the brakes, change the brake fluid. Possibly more advanced things like regrease the swingarm/linkage and the steering head.

What is the year/model? What are the ambient air temperatures you will be riding in? Is money an issue for you? This is the needed information to answer your question about which oil to run. Stock or OEM oil filters are fine. Some people prefer superfine stainless steel mesh performance oil filters - these increase oil flow, perhaps at the expense of superior filtration (some say the mesh has holes larger than those in the standard paper oil filter). About the plug question, "performance" plugs don't make a difference in performance, just longevity (how long they will last before replacement). Others might argue this but be aware, what you're reading here is just one man's opinion. I've had the same standard plug in my motor for over 2 years - I check it occasionally, it has not fouled, bike still runs great, starts up first kick every time and I ride it quite a lot. Generally, a good carb cleaning means full disassembly and an overnight soaking in parts cleaner. Do not put rubber parts/gaskets/O-rings in the parts cleaner. Hose out all the passages with compressed air and reassemble, checking adjustments such as float level, air/fuel screw, etc. Other things to check on a used bike... well, here's a link to a page on motor oils: http://motorcycleinfo.calsci.com/Oils1.html , click on the "new bikes" link in the left-hand margin and it will give you a list. These are all good things to check on a used bike too. The only things I disagree with are tire pressures (38psi seems like way too much for a dirt or dual sport bike) and throttle cable play (there should be a bit of play, which allows the throttle to return to fully closed when it's released). And when it says "fork legs pinch bolts," those are the triple-tree bolts. Hope this helps, good luck and have fun. :applause:

sorry... it's a 2000 xr 650r.... uncorked and with a honda power up kit as told to me by seller....


already have a service manual and : )

didnt know if people swore by synth or regular oil

as for spark plugs.. good to know i jsut finished changing spark plug on my truck and you wouldn't believe the debate on type of sprak plug for use.... ughhh,,,

I ordered new SSlines for the front as i'l be usign this on the street only more than likely.. thus i'll be swapping the brake fluid out..... but i'l be riding the bike anywhere from 40degrees to 90 plus days... as the year wears on..

thanks guys

Spark Plug, I have always used whats in the manual. BKR7E-11e ?? or what ever that number is. You can get them at regular auto shops for cheaper than the Dealers.

Synthetic oil all the way. I like the Amsoil 10W40 for bikes. Any Synthetic is good so long as its for the Wet Clutch ie No Moly.

Most of that stuff in Manual is pretty good stuff. I like to by my parts from HDLparts.com Its all OEM for far less than retail. Get your oil filters there also.

NGK, whatever you can find for the filter cuz they are all made by the same manufacturer anyway, and Honda oil from the dealer. It really isn't much more than the others and it is sure to be compatible with seals and clutches. Since you have time to service your bike, grease up the swingarm, flush your brake fluids, change the fork oil, etc. Give up some love and it'll get returned in trouble free performance.

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