Replacement Rear Fender Tail Light Wiring UFO XR650R

Has anyone replaced the rear fender on a 650r with a unit from UFO. I ordered one online only to find that the enduro lens that is included with the plastic does not have provisions / holes pre cut to accept the factory taillight assembly. The factory light is a loose mount yet is held to the fender via a oblong shaped rubber molding that pulls thru pre-cut odd shaped holes in the original Honda rear fender. Any ideas as I would like to keep the stock lighting assembly.

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Just got done modifying my stock fender so I may me able to help. First off, the hole in the stock fender where the wires exit underneath the lense is not the best place. I closed this opening an re-drilled a 5/16" hole to the front right corner which is a straighter shot to where it goes back in under the seat. The wires don't have to make a sharp bend where it exits under the lense that way. Then you just drill a similar hole in the location on your new fender where the one is in the front under the seat on the stocker. This hole is D-shaped on the stocker but you can just run them through a round hole all the same. You can drill 1/2" holes instead & use rubber grommets to run the wires through but I would just squirt some silicone around the wires to prevent them for chafing. The stock fender also has a little screw/loom holder to keep the wires tucked up underneath. If the UFO fender does not have this provision, go to Radio Shack & pick up a package of self-adhesive wire tie holders & stick it up underneath where the original one was & Zip-tie your wires to it. Those self adhesive thingies have very agressive adhesive & will work fine if you rough up the fender with a Scotch-brite pad where it will go. Sorry for the lengthy reply. Hope this helps!

how did you hold down the factory bulb assembly underneath the lens



Oh,sorry. Forgot to mention that. I'm assuming the UFO fender has no holes to mount the little rubber tits to from the bulb socket assembly? If so, just duplicate the holes in the new fender. If you end up braking the ends off those little rubber tits trying to remove them you can run a Zip-tie through the holes to hold the bulb socket assembly in place, then silicone around the holes to prevent crud from entering under the lense. If you're nervous about drilling the holes you cound even use adhesive silicone. I use DAP Kwik SealPlus kitchen & bath adhesive caulk in clear color which can be bought in a tube at Home Depot for cheap. It adheres pretty well & will be invisible under the lense once it dries (goes on white). Hope that helps.

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