What is the fastest mph a xr650l has gone with mods?

With an XR's Only pipe, K&N stage 2 jet kit with filter I had mine up to about 102mph indicated on the speedo. It wasn't revved out so I know with a bigger header pipe and maybe a little more fuel it probably would've gone a few more RPM/mph. I've since bored it and put a higher compression piston, but I also geared it down a bit and it easily gets 95mph still. I know Dan Gurney was using the 650L motor in his Aligator motorcycles. I've seen him and his crew up at the Lookout on Ortega hwy. There were several of them there and each one had a different intake/exhaust configuration. His was fuel injected with dual throats, one of the others had two very trick flatslide Mikunis. These are sportbikes so he was wanting the Max out of the motor. I spoke to him briefly and He said he was getting about 120mph out of them. Way more aerodynamic than a dirtbike. You could probably do a Google search and see the bikes I'm talking about.:applause:


110mph, with all standard mods-rejetting and smog removal, 15-40 gearing, road tires, a back wind, in the summer, held at wide open for a couple of miles on a flat road, and hunched over:thumbsup:

stock, 100mph indicated in a tuck.

Discount 5-10%


Stock I'm about 90 mph.

Not a 650L, but IIRC, I did about 98mph according to my GPS semi-tucked with a ~10mph crosswind. That was wide pinned open. Not sure if it ran out of power or ran out of gear, but it got to a point where it just wouldn't go faster. Blew a heat shield mount out of my header on that run, too.

Mods in sig.

I got 100 indicated only mods uncorked soo tucked face in the speedo

but on the HWY 350 did do something silly (gravity on my side) got I believe 116 (turned the old speedo out buddy of mine doin 155 with his Corvette) wind buffetts got bad...way bad I probably got 105 or so all I wanted big long hill is how I got that

650L past 80 gets wiggly

just wheelie and make the schoolgirls holler

You know I really don't care how fast it's gonna go anyway...UNLESS IT'S IN THE WOODS C'MON WANT A BARK BUSTER!!!!!!!!!!!

Thought I was dealin' with Blackwater 100 Or at least our pain in the A%# Enduro stuff

135mph is the most we have seen on the gator. On my personal bike stock piston desmoged, ported head, fcr, megacycle cam, stock header with E2 can, on distanzia's 105 max. The avons took away a lot of head shake at the top compared to the irc's. Setting up for USD forks to get rid of some more shake. supermoto set up comming soon then stroked and bored and we will see what it does.

105 indicated on the 650L (completely uncorked and tucked). I have a road way back behind the house thats paved, perfectly strait and it's always clear.:busted: I've had the RZ at 120+ but I got skeered! HaHa:bonk: :busted:

Remember that alot of bikes have linear errors in the speedo's so the faster you go the more it's off.:thumbsup:

about 130mph so far on my supermono, but I generally stick to the more technical tracks!

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