Tail ilght dimming when engine is reved

Hi All,

Have a problem with the back tail light dimming when the engine is reved, i think it might be the regulator but the front lights are not dimming! does anyone know if the front lights go through the regulator as well? if they don't i wouold guess it the regulator / rectifier thats gone. Whats everyone think

Many thanks


It could be a poor connection. Revs make vibrations and that might be making a poor connection worse.

does anyone know if the front lights go through the regulator as well?

Hard to say with no information about your bike...

sorry porterdog its an 97 xr600

good point cleonard i did have problems before with the connection but i thought i done a good job repairing it, must go over the connections again

Put a dvom on the battery and see if the voltage drops when u whack the throttle. Your looking for a signicant drop also 9.6 to 10 volts. If it does the ignition system is pulling the voltage to fire the ignition and this would indicate a weak charging circuit. Also check your battery static voltage 12.2-12.4volts. 13.4 to 14.2 approx when running. Our take 2 sec. and have it tested. Also like u said check all connections at pwrs and grds. good luck:thumbsup:

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