XR650R swingarm advice needed

I have my bike (650R)torn down and have the swingarm completely disassembled. I was talking to a local shop owner and he suggested I silicone all the holes in the swingarm to keep water out. I have also read on here somewhere that some of you guys have drilled and tapped small holes with a bolts in the bottom of the swingarm legs to allow water out if needed.

I'm trying to figure out where exactly you drilled the holes. It looks as if the end section where the axle goes through fits in the end caps of the swingarm leg and welded. I would like to drill my holes just in front of the weld, but not sure if that end cap section is a solid block of aluminum. Has anyone done this to their 650R? Please share your experiences and if it has helped.

I personally am not going to drill any holes. That creates streess points where it was not otherwise designed for them. I like the silicone idea better, or maybe even filling the swinger with expanding foam of sorts like they do to protect some cars from rusting from the inside out.

I thought the same thing about the stress points at first, but the holes would be minimal in size and tapped for either a 6mm bolt or smaller so I dont believe it would jeapordize the strength of the swingarm.

Drilled em in front of the welds(pivot side)at the chain adjusters. This is where water would stand at the lowest point.I had washed my bike the day before and when I drilled the holes a small river flowed out.I drilled an 1/8" hole in each leg.

Perfect, thanks guys I knew I read something about it, just couldn't remember where. Yea I know try the search button.

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