Cherry red

My stock pipe gets cherry red all the way around the bed to about the oil filter. Everyone I ride that has a stock header on the WR that I ride with gets red, but mine get redder(?) Nice word eh? Anyways, the engine isnt hot so I am just curious. I hate to mess with the jetting, but maby I should. Running around 94 octain.

I seen this post before but not related to an 01 426. I doubt there is any difference, but I don't know.

Thanks Mike

Header in my bike glows too, particularly when idling. I noticed that for the first time just after I had changed stock silencer to Spes YZ loudener and I thought that my jetting had gone all wrong. I called to importers maintenance and they said it's normal. The wall of the header is very thin compared to normal street bike header and that's why it glowes.

If it runs lean it blasts when decelerating, but I believe you knew this already. If bike seems to run fine, I wouldn't touch the jetting. Have you covered radiators? In another post you mentioned that you ride in rather cold conditions. Covering radiators could be recommended.


Mike, Last year I went riding with my friends on a long ride and we got stuck in a canyon in the middle of the night, my father and I both have WR's, his was glowing big time while mine didnt glow at all. They probably glow all the time but just cant see it in daylight. Im not sure why they glow, It doesnt seem to hurt anything but I cant help wonder why. Our bikes were jetted the same, oh well...... Dan

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I have used the head pipe to light cigars so it has its advantages. The enginr runs great and I am keeping it stock with the exception of throttle stop and air box cover.

I even keep the exhaust restrictor in to keep it quiet. It has pleanty of HP for me this way. I'm not going to worry about it much. it looks cool at night in the snow.

Thanks Mike

Just don't eat any of your chili before riding Mike, if you do, you might explode if you fart. I've seen your WR exhaust and tasted the chili. Dangerous combo.

I am going to try to ride Sunday night and Tuesday night. Are you coming along

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