Update on results of my DIY stator rewind-XR650R

Just finished installing the last of the electrical components on my XR650R after rewinding the stator this fall. I have a BD DSK to which I've added a 55/60W headlight, a BD LED tail light/license plate mount and an LED light under the stock tail light lense. All else is the original BD kit. I have now added electric handwarmeres with a hi/lo setting which I wired into the tail light circuit. At idle the headlight is nice and bright with the handwarmers on the hi setting. I swithed them on & off several times at idle with no notable dimming of the headlight or tail lights. It even charged the battery up after idling for 10 minutes enough to run the blinkers with the engine off! (Battery was completely dead prior to this-wouldn't even run the LED tail lights). In addition, I set up the handwarmers a bit different. Rather than attach the left side heat element directly to the bars I first mounted some self adhesive heat shrink tubing to the bars which ended up with a final diameter identical to that of the throttle tube on the right side. I then mounted the handwarmers as instructed but bought 2 sets of Scott MX2 grips & used the throttle side from both sets. Now the heat is perfectly even on both sides. Previously I always had to rewire handwarmers for just one setting with the resistor wired to the right grip & the left grip wired straight to the switch which, even then, produces more heat to the right side plus I had only one setting. What a difference. Rode for 20 miles today in 45 degree weather no problems, even on the lo setting. The DIY stator rewind was the best mod yet on my bike & only cost $25 to boot! If anyone's interested in this mod do a search of this forum for one titled "DIY stator rewind" for all the info you'll need to, well, do it yourself!

Thanks for the update :applause:

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