raise or lower the jet needle clip

i recently put a spark arrestor on my fmf pipe and i shortened my ap diapram

and i also put a 15 tooth front sprocket on.

well know the bike bogs alot now i have noticed that the bog is on the accelaeration and i have also been fouling plugs ,the bike starts right up with out the choke.

the bike ran amazing with just the ap wired up,and now it is bogging bad from 0-1/4or1/2 throttle

i just want instant throttle response

It sounds like you may need to go down a size on your pilot jet and adjust your fuel screw. The needle is for 1/4 to 3/4 throttle. Do a search on how to adjust the fuel screw, make the adjustments, and your bog will go away! :applause:

cool im gonna play with it

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